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Pick a Cryptid and Live Your Beast Life.


Hoomans is a fast-paced, light strategy card game where you get to pretend to be a cryptid who's pretending to be human. So, you know, a lot like real life.

For 1-4 players, ages 10 and up, Hoomans can be played cooperatively or in a free-for-all, where one Cryptid walks away "More Hooman than Human."


Playtime: 25 - 35 minutes.


This First Printing Edition comes with the following!

  • 161 Cards, with more than 50+ unique illustrations
  • NINE Oversized Cryptid Cards, (including the FIRST PRINTING EXCLUSIVE Cryptid!)
  • 1 Six-Sided Die, (Black with white dots)
  • 1 - Life Happens Spinner
  • and a full-color Instruction Manual



This game was made possible by 247 amazing Kickstarter Pledgers!

It was designed by Aaron Bock, Kassandra Parker, and Chris Smith


Art by Kassandra Parker





    Hoomans - The Cryptid Card Game

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