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   Kassandra Parker, aka Dendril, is an artist living in Southwest Missouri with her loving boyfriend and two, furry babies, Grunty and Munch. She is an illustrator and animator by trade, but when she's not working on art, she's reading about cryptids, playing video games, or watching horror movies, all while smothered by multiple cats. She’s always had a love for animals, especially bugs! Growing up, she would write and illustrate stories about them and force her classmates to sit and listen as she read them aloud.

   Dendril is always striving for the perfect balance between creepy and toony, and likes to disarm her audience with big, expressive eyes, then shock them with large, overly toothy grins. She can't help but funnel her obsession with nostalgia and the paranormal into the goofy monsters and spooky cartoons she creates.

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