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The Artist retains the right to refuse any commission.

Client must be 18 or older to buy a commission.
Correspondence must be made through email.

Artist will not do work for NFTs and any work produced by the artist cannot be sold or minted as an NFT.

Any work produced by the artist cannot be used for any AI training or plugged into AI generators of any kind whatsoever.
Please see more of the artist's parameters regarding subject matter at the bottom of these terms.



Client will receive a 300 dpi png at approximately 3000x3000 pixels, unless otherwise requested.

The orientation and exact size may vary depending on the subject matter. 

Client will receive an invoice from the Artist (via email through Paypal or Lili)
50% paid upfront, 
Upon completion of work, the remaining 50% paid before delivery.
All payments must be made in USD unless otherwise negotiated.

Client is paying for the artist’s time and a high resolution png of the work for personal use.

Client may print the work for themself. 
The client may crop and resize the work, but no other alterations to the work are permitted.

The Client must contact the artist for approval of any changes made to the work.
The client may post to their social media, website, etc.
For commercial use, a different fee will be applied, and a contract will be written.
For work that is equal to or greater than 1000 USD a contract will be written.
The Artist retains copyright to the work, and can post, publish, and print the work on their website, social media, and portfolio, unless otherwise discussed which will result in an additional 30% fee of the overall initial cost.

2 free revisions - any additional revisions will incur an additional 20% fee of the overall initial cost.
The Client will receive a sketch for approval via email.
If revisions are needed those changes will be made and an updated sketch will be provided for approval.

Upon sketch approval the Artist will begin finalizing the work, refining lines, adding color (if applicable)

and send another low-resolution proof for approval or determine if additional revisions are needed.

Upon final approval the Client will pay the remaining 50% of the fee.

(including any additional fees added to the overall cost due to revisions)

Once payment is received the Artist will send the work to the Client via email.



The Artist will illustrate:
*Creatures (monsters, cryptids, aliens)
Animals ( insects, quadrupeds, furries )
Scenery ( Natural Landscapes, Cities, Interiors )

Gore ( depending on the nature and extent)

The Artist will not illustrate:
Racism, Sexism, Ableism, and any content of discriminatory nature,
Animal Abuse,
Violence towards minors,
Copyrighted and Trademarked content,
Imitation or similar work to existing content 
Pornography and Sexually Explicit content,
Gang themes and symbols

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